GIZ employee freed

17.10.2015 – The German employee of GIZ who was kidnapped in Afghanistan nine weeks ago on 17 August 2015 has been released. She is in good health considering the circumstances.

‘We are relieved and delighted that our staff member has been freed. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who supported us and contributed to this positive outcome, first and foremost the German Government and our Afghan partners, but also our colleagues in Afghanistan and Germany,’ said Tanja Gönner, Chair of GIZ’s Management Board.

There are 180 German and international staff and 1,600 Afghan staff working in Afghanistan to further the country’s development. All of them have the common goal of improving the circumstances of the Afghan people so that they can see a future for themselves in their own country. GIZ’s work in Afghanistan contributes to stabilising the country to prevent it slipping back into pre-2002 conditions. Today, millions more children go to school than in 2002. Through German support alone in the north of the country, more than 1.2 million boys and girls have been able to attend school. Health care has improved, as has access to electricity and drinking water. Continuing to achieve such improvements for the people of Afghanistan is what GIZ staff members in the country are working for day in, day out.