Proven standards: improved working and living conditions worldwide

29.07.2016 – GIZ works to achieve better economic and social standards. This benefits people, individual companies and the economy as a whole.

GIZ: Economic and social standards – Results (2016)

Smoothly functioning economic and social systems are vital to a country’s sustainable development. Promoting these standards in our partner countries and creating stable general conditions are therefore priority areas in the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH’s work. This is demonstrated in more than 500 projects in this area that we are implementing for various commissioning parties. In them, GIZ combines measures that strengthen supporting institutions and companies with policy advice and networking among stakeholders.

For example, we assist companies around the world in improving their product quality and help them compete at local, domestic and international level. In this process, workers’ rights and social standards play a key role. GIZ supports its partners in creating the appropriate framework to improve working conditions. In addition to increasing wages, this includes abolishing forced labour, enforcing freedom of association and providing health insurance.

A further key task is to create future prospects for younger generations. GIZ implements education programmes that enable many young people around the world to receive vocational training. We focus on effective vocational training and education strategies that follow a customised, practical approach and give people the skills they need to achieve dynamic economic development.