GIZ's work is systematically geared towards results, the yardstick by which we measure the success of our work. Our aim is to contribute towards long-term positive change in cooperation with our partners.

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From planning to evaluation, GIZ regularly analyses its work and the results achieved. Results in specific countries or projects are well documented, but what impact does GIZ’s work have at an international level? For example, how many people have access to high-quality, future-oriented vocational training thanks to support from GIZ? Company-wide data collection across projects and national boundaries provides answers to questions like these. The process involves collecting and summarising results on selected topics.

The results and reports from individual project evaluations are published on GIZ’s website, as is the Evaluation Report, which is issued every two years. By making information publically available – data on current projects can also be found online – GIZ supports international efforts aimed at increasing transparency and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences in international cooperation.

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