Health – a key to development

Health is one of the most important prerequisites for sustainable development. This is why GIZ works all over the world to promote good medical care, well-trained specialists and better protection for people who fall ill.


Facilitating better health care and helping people

High-quality, accessible health care is of major significance: there have to be hospitals and other facilities that provide good, efficient treatment to patients and have sufficient stocks of medicines and vaccines, for example. Initial and ongoing training for specialist staff, more efficient hospital management and better clinical services at an appropriate cost also contribute to improved health care facilities. The ultimate aim is that as many people as possible benefit from good medical care. 


Social security protection in the event of illness

Illnesses and the high costs of treatment can exacerbate poverty or even trigger poverty in the first place. For this reason, GIZ supports its commissioning parties and partners with the establishment and expansion of health insurance schemes that provide protection in the event of illness. Poor people benefit particularly from this, as they often obtain insurance coverage or better protection for the first time. This allows them to access appropriate, affordable medical treatment. 


*The results data outlined here relate to the review year 2021.

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