Call for Expression of Interest 83405990

The broad-based improvement of quality of vocational training in South Africa is a key area of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Digital Skills for Jobs and Income Project aims to increase the employment prospects of young people, especially women, within the scope of labour-market-oriented further training and networking activities. The project is supported by Digital Skills for Jobs and Income (DS4JI)’s political partner Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT).

At the same time, companies in South Africa complain about a shortage of well-qualified skilled workers. The labour market is experiencing stronger demand for future skills each year, with skills markets specifically focused on digital and other 21st century skills. Organisations in South Africa face the challenges of developing and maintaining multi-talented, multi-skilled workforces that meet the criteria of digital workplace demands, virtualised teams and the rapidly evolving world of work.

Against this background, the public and private sector need to come together to overcome the challenges of youth unemployment, lack of digital skills in the workforce and the mismatch between skills training and labour market demand.

DS4JI is looking for vendor recognized preferred training providers to match or better our potential contribution of up to €200,000 by implementing programmes that address the shortage of these in-demand skills through an Integrated Development Partnership with the Private Sector (iDPP) Agreement. The provider must be able to provide industry orientation, software skills training, soft skills training and work-place based learning opportunities for a cohort of python programmers to develop into Junior Pipeline Technical Directors.

Companies with a history and a proven track record are encouraged to apply to provide the following services:

Customize training for python developers to develop critical/scarce skills to ensure their employability in this important sector

Provide work-place simulation opportunities for learning

Provide work-place based learning opportunities for participating cohort

Improve skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, feedback analysis and time management

Provide a work readiness programme that addresses modules like effective communication, conflict resolution and teamwork. These modules should address the basic conditions of employment act and understanding payslips and tax

Improve job seeking, networking and social responsibility skills

Support participating youth through mentoring or coaching

Strengthen public-private partnerships and involvement of private sector companies in closing skills gaps and battling youth unemployment

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with local presence in South Africa to respond to this expression of interest with a concept note. Applicable Documents and templates are available to download below.

Completed forms must be submitted to  by 13 May 2022.

Please quote reference 83405990 when submitting the documentation.

Late submissions will not be accepted.