Tropical forest protection and watershed management in the Trifinio region

Project description

Title: Tropical forest protection and watershed management in the Trifinio region
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Lead executing agency: Comisión Trinacional del Plan Trifinio (CTPT)
Overall term: 2009 to 2014

El Salvador. Water quality and water flow are checked regularly in the project area © GIZ

The Trifinio region along the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is extremely important for the biodiversity of the area and for its water supply. However, the poverty rate is high, particularly in rural areas, and government support is either non-existent or insufficient. A lack of expertise combined with inadequate organisational and management competence and capacity in the responsible institutions in the Trifinio region is a barrier to the transnational promotion and effective implementation of sustainable methods of exploitation. The result is a self-perpetuating spiral of growing poverty and natural resource degradation.

The transnational promotion and implementation of natural resource management in the Trifinio region has improved.

The programme supports the implementation of the strategy agreed upon between the three participating countries to work together for the joint development of the region. In 400 agricultural and forestry enterprises production methods are being developed to facilitate land cover and the percolation of rainwater, which reduces the surface runoff that leads to erosion. These new methods also help to increase rural income.

To ensure that local institutions continue to refine and disseminate these methods even after termination of the programme, they are given advisory support and training to help them work more effectively and efficiently, to develop their management capacity and human resources, and to be able to share information at international level.

The programme comprises the components:

  • Development of models for the sustainable management of agricultural and forestry resources
  • Building the organisational and management capacity of state partner institutions and non-governmental organisations

The consulting firm GOPA supports the implementation of the project.

El Salvador. Thanks to sustainable coffee cultivation, this farmer is able to supplement his income. © GIZ


Laszlo Pancel