Regional Programme on Good Governance – Maghreb

Programme description

Title: Regional Programme on Good Governance - Maghreb
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia
Overall term: 2003 to 2013


Large sections of the population in the Maghreb countries participate only minimally in shaping policy and thus their own futures. One reason for this situation is the weakness of civil society structures and minimal interaction with government agencies. A great deal of potential for economic and social development is thus squandered.

At the same time, these countries face significant challenges, which derive not only from their position in a globalised world, especially their association with the EU, but also from the need to improve employment and income for broad segments of the population and, above all, to create positive prospects for young people.


A constructive dialogue takes place between government agencies and civil society organisations in the Maghreb countries. Examples of good governance are followed up and support is provided for reform initiatives to promote the rule of law, transparency and participation.


The project encourages exchanges between institutions and the regional networking of pro-reform stakeholders. It also supports the implementation of specific measures at national level, which address aspects of good governance that have regional significance, such as monitoring public finances, gender equality and political participation. Regional exchange forums are established together with partners in the region. In addition, the project advises and supports governmental and civil society partners on the design and implementation of reform initiatives.

Implementation partners include both governmental and civil society organisations that are interested in improving the current situation and making governance accountable. Others involved include German political foundations with representation in the Maghreb as well as academic partners and networks.

Results achieved so far

The regional conference series Forum on Public Finances and Good Governance has fostered the wider use within the region of the performance audit approach (results orientation in administration and financial control). Comparative regional analyses (benchmarking) of methods, instruments and principles for auditing activities and administrative processes within the context of financial control have been supported in this way.

Networks of pro-reform forces have been created in the Maghreb to address the issue of good governance. Delegates attending various events, such as the Forum on Public Finances or summer academies, exchange information about their common concerns. They integrate the insight, knowledge and experiences that they gain from these events into their everyday work.