Detailed Water Resources Studies of the Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer

Project description

Title: Detailed Water Resources Studies of the Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer
Commissioned by: Ministry of Water and Electricity
Financier: Ministry of Water and Electricity
Country: Saudi Arabia
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water and Electricity
Partner: Dornier Consulting GmbH
Overall term: 2008 to 2011

Detailed Water Resources Studies of the Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer


Despite the region’s arid climate, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has vast groundwater reservoirs nationwide. The Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) is eager for detailed knowledge about all groundwater resources in the country. As MOWE aims to develop a sustainable long-term water usage and storage strategy, it requires reliable data about the volume, distribution and quality of groundwater resources. The Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer System, which is the subject of this ongoing project, is one of the largest water reservoirs in the kingdom.


The study area covers large parts of eastern Saudi Arabia between latitudes 16° and 31° north and longitudes 41° and 51° east. The following results will be submitted to the ministry when the project ends:

  • A Hydrometeorological Monitoring Network will be revised and installed by GIZ. It is a technical system, which monitors groundwater level and quality as well as climate conditions, and is equipped with telemetric data transmission systems.
  • A Water Resources Database will store all data and information acquired during the course of the project in a structured and user-oriented manner. The database will be managed in a GIS environment, which will be useful for future data analyses, visualisation and generation of thematic maps, charts and graphs.
  • A 3-D groundwater flow model will include the Wasia-Biyadh and overlying Aruma aquifers and will be coupled with the results of a complex rainfall-runoff-recharge model. New exploration drilling and testing will provide data for hydrostratigraphic units that form the basis for a valid conceptual groundwater model.


GIZ provides the following services in the scope of the Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer project:

  • Assessment of the impact of past, present and future water consumption on the stored groundwater resource.
  • Design and supervision of drilling of exploration and observation wells.
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the hydrological monitoring network.
  • Development of a state-of-the art groundwater flow model.
  • On-the-job-training for Saudi government personnel.