Institutional and Legal Reforms


Project description

Title: Supporting Water Sector Development in Tanzania – Institutional and Legal Reforms
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ)
Country: Tanzania
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water
Overall term: 2004 to 2016


Tanzania’s population is poorly supplied with drinking water and has inadequate sanitation systems. The Government of Tanzania has developed a consistent and forward-looking regulatory framework to improve this situation. It has adopted a national water policy, a water development strategy, new water legislation and a sector-wide water development programme, and has put in place institutional reforms. Nonetheless, significant shortcomings still exist, which are leading to delays in implementing these reforms.


The Ministry of Water’s capacity to implement the National Water Sector Development Strategy (NWSDS) and the Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) is improved.


The project is involved in the central development and reform processes in Tanzania’s water sector. Donor and government interventions in this sector have taken place within the framework of the Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) since 2007. The programme’s current weaknesses can be addressed in a second phase beginning in July 2014. Specifically, investments and strategic development are to be aligned with transparent criteria. The project provides human resources support for the unit in charge of coordinating the WSDP and thus takes an active role in improving the management of the WSDP and giving the programme a new strategic direction.

Results achieved so far

The adoption of the Water Sector Development Strategy (2008), which specifies the strategic direction and new institutional framework for sector development, and the Water Supply and Sanitation Act and Water Resources Management Act (2009) provide clear orientation for the water sector and are having a positive impact on its further development. Systematic weaknesses in the WSDP, notably in respect of the implementation and management capacities and resources of sector stakeholders, have been identified. Structures can thus be improved and interventions aligned with the needs of the water sector.