Improving Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas

Project description

Title: Supporting Water Sector Development in Tanzania – Improving Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Tanzania
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water
Overall term: 2004 to 2016


Inadequate sanitation is a major obstacle to development in Tanzania. Only about thirteen per cent of people living in Tanzania had access to improved sanitation in 2010. Sanitation is especially unsatisfactory in public institutions, such as hospitals and schools. They lack the necessary infrastructure, and hygiene rules are often not followed properly.


The institutional potential and capacities for sustainable sanitation in Tanzania are improved.


The project is working in close partnership with other donors such as UNICEF, WSP, DFID and Water Aid to help improve cooperation between the ministries responsible for water, health, local government and education so that they can develop and implement shared solutions for urban and peri-urban areas. The aim is to guarantee that the population has lasting access to proper sanitation services.
Improving hygiene in schools is a particular focus of this work. A broad-scale school programme based on lessons learned from the Fit for School programme that was successfully implemented in the Philippines is in the pipeline.

Results achieved so far

The Tanzanian ministries responsible for sanitation signed a formal agreement in 2010. This deal introduced a dialogue mechanism for the sanitation sector with the aim of improving coordination between the ministries.

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A pilot project on school hygiene has been successfully completed in Mbeya, from which a total of 14 schools have benefited. Two campaigns have been undertaken throughout Tanzania to communicate the importance of proper hygiene practices to a wide audience.
Participation in global events such as World Toilet Day has attracted a great deal of attention and political support for Tanzania’s sanitation sector.