Support to the return of Somali refugees and internally displaced persons through a community-oriented approach to reintegration in Somalia

Project description

Title: Support to the return of Somali refugees and internally displaced persons through a community-oriented approach to reintegration in Somalia
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Somalia
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs
Overall term: 2015 to 2017

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The humanitarian situation for the Somali people remains desperate as a result of more than 20 years of civil war. The situation is further exacerbated by long periods of drought, the flooding of rivers on an annual basis and flash floods which regularly result in poor harvests. The people of Somalia are unable to secure their own livelihoods.

The growing number of refugees returning to their communities of origin following improvements in the security situation in individual regions is placing additional strain on the food situation. This is further compounded by internally displaced persons (IDPs) seeking refuge in safe places due to conflict and food shortages elsewhere in the country. As a result of flight and displacement, they lack the basis to produce food and generate income.

Somalia. Presenting the project to the lead executing agency, the Somali Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs (Photo: Brigitte Reichelt). © GIZ


The livelihoods of returnees, IDPs and the local population in selected host communities have improved.


Through measures designed to be rapidly visible, the project aims to build trust in the target communities in Kismaayo District in Lower Juba and with local authorities. This is essential for successful medium and long-term engagement in Somalia. GIZ works with projects initiated by international organisations which are already up and running and cooperating with local non-governmental organisations in the area of social and productive infrastructure – for instance, by supporting the rehabilitation of wells and roads.

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In addition to addressing the acute humanitarian crisis, the project focuses on defusing tensions between returnees, IDPs and local people. At the same time, it strengthens the effectiveness of municipal authorities. In doing so, it takes into account approaches designed to prevent crises and build peace.

The project focuses on the following three areas of activity:

  1. Supporting selected communities in their efforts to reintegrate returnees and IDPs
  2. Ensuring food security for returnees, IDPs and local people
  3. Supporting local non-violent conflict transformation

The project adopts an integrated approach involving all target groups and government decision-makers. To capitalize on opportunities for cooperation and achieve sustainable results, it is especially important that the project is integrated efficiently into existing international coordination structures.