Partnership across borders to support sustainable and environment-friendly industrial development in India

GIZ and the Norwegian Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF) signed a Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) on July 01, 2015 in New Delhi to mark intent to cooperate to support improving waste management and co-processing to support sustainable and environment-friendly industrial development.

This co-operation between SINTEF and GIZ's Indo-German Environment Partnership Programme for Urban and Industrial Development (IGEP-UID) will focus on technical solutions and business / management models showcasing positive results related to improving the waste management in general, and co-processing in particular, at the selected industrial sites. The JDI has been signed under IGEP-UID's project, Sustainable Environment Friendly Industrial Production.

While Germany has been cooperating with India by providing expertise through GIZ for over 50 years, SINTEF is a leading applied multidisciplinary research institution in Europe with long and relevant experience in capacity building and technical assistance in international projects for governments, industry and international organisations within industrial and hazardous waste management in general, and with co-processing/waste recovery in particular.

The expected outcomes of the 3 year JDI are:

  • The high potential measures with the aim to prevent/reduce/minimize solid waste to be discharged, are conceptualised and selected measures are implemented.
  • Ten industrial areas begin with the wide application of proven (best practices) technologies and management practices for an efficient waste management system.
  • Existing policies and guidelines are modified to favour sustainable waste management. Involved organisations and stakeholders strengthen their capacity for adoption and implementation of best practices related to waste management.
  • The knowledge and technology platforms for waste management are set up at requisite levels

Dr. Wolfgang Hannig, Country Director, GIZ India, and Dr. Kare Halge Kartensen, Chief Scientist of SINTEF signed the JDI in the presence of Mr. Heiko Warnken, Head of Economic Cooperation and Development, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in India, Mr. Arild Oksnevad, Chargé d’Affaires of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and other GIZ officials.

(in the picture: Dr. Kare Halge Kartensen, Chief Scientist, SINTEF & Dr. Wolfgang Hannig, Country Director, GIZ India)