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On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ has been supporting Georgia’s transition to a social market economy, democracy and the rule of law since 1992. GIZ opened a regional office in Georgia in 2006, which represents the company in the three countries of the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. GIZ currently has up to 60 national staff and 14 seconded experts working in Georgia. One CIM expert is also deployed here.

After the peaceful Rose Revolution in November 2003, Georgia’s new government implemented a number of successful political and economic reforms, which ushered in marked economic growth. The new government – which took office in October 2012 – has continued with these reforms. Nevertheless, the country still faces major challenges, such as combating unemployment and safeguarding and improving purchasing power.

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) poses further challenges for Georgia. Firstly, the country needs to move closer to European structures by strengthening human rights and democratic institutions and adopting EU norms and standards. Secondly, it needs to modernise its local and regional administrative services. The people of Georgia, the majority of whom are poor, need easier access to these services to improve their living conditions, especially in rural regions.

GIZ contributes to crisis prevention in the South Caucasus under the German Government’s Caucasus Initiative. Most of the programmes and projects in the priority sectors are therefore implemented across the three countries of the region.

In 2009, the Governments of Georgia and Germany agreed on the following priority sectors for cooperation:

  • Sustainable economic development
  • Democracy, municipal development and the rule of law
  • Environment and energy

Within these priority areas, GIZ is implementing six regional programmes in Georgia on the following topics: private sector development, support for legal and judicial reform, promotion of municipal development, the sustainable management of biodiversity, integrated erosion control in mountainous areas, and the management of public finance in the South Caucasus.

Under the Local Governance Programme South Caucasus, the EU commissioned GIZ in late 2013 to act within the framework of ‘delegated cooperation’ arrangements, focusing on cross-border cooperation between local governments in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

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