Governance-Fund - supporting reforms through German experience in governance

Project description

Title: Governance Fund – Promoting Good Governance using German Expertise
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Countries: Global
Overall term: 2015 to 2022


In many partner countries of German development cooperation around the world, there is significant interest in German-specific approaches to tackling social challenges. For example, how can a tax system be designed to provide local and national governments with more of their own revenue? How can administrative activities be made transparent and understandable for the public? Which approaches to reform can help strengthen an independent administration of justice? The Federal Republic of Germany can look back on many years of successful experience of reform in these areas, which can be of great use to other countries.


Selected countries are successfully implementing important reforms.


The Governance Fund is building and expanding a network of high-ranking German decision-makers in politics, science and administration. The purpose is to provide advisory services on reform initiatives in countries of implementation based on structural and regulatory experience. Members of the network include former federal ministers, former state ministers, state secretaries, judges, senior administrative officials and leading academics.

The project supports reform processes through a series of measures that build on each other and are coordinated individually with the respective partners. This includes, for example, consulting assignments involving German experts in the participating countries and technical discussions between the partners and German institutions as part of delegation trips. The project also involves hosting workshops and webinars, and producing technical studies and short papers. The exchange of knowledge is also reinforced by the organisation of subject-specific network meetings in Germany.

Last Update: April 2022

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