Building Bridges – The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in Practice

Event by GIZ@AidEx

on Wednesday, 13th November 2019
14:00h – 15:30h

Brussels Expo
Hall 11, Room 1123
Place de Belgique 1

One of the dawning realities of our time is that conflicts are often not short-lived; they have become increasingly protracted. People are uprooted and forced from their homes for years – sometimes decades. Many countries face increasingly complex and interlinked humanitarian crises. This requires the aid and development sectors around the world to focus on strengthening resilience and address both immediate and long-term needs in a more coherent way. 

Overall, the session builds on the growing recognition that humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts need to engage in a coherent and more connected manner, in order to respond to volatile contexts around the world.

GIZ will share its experience with ‘Transitional Development Assistance’ (TDA) in Chad and Turkey and highlight how it is shaping transitions and acting as a bridge between humanitarian aid and long-term development cooperation.

Two projects will be presented, that showcase steps toward operationalising the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.

Local Initiative Fund in Turkey (LIFT)

Turkey has become one of the largest host and transit countries for people seeking protection. But many people are not yet receiving support and have limited access to social services. 

In a first of its kind collaboration between EU Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO) and BMZ Transitional Development Assistance, the Local Initiative Fund in Turkey (LIFT) complements the GIZ-implemented Community Centres and Local Initiatives Project (CLIP) in order to support community centres and local organisations in providing social services to refugees and host communities. 

The fund allows GIZ to support, specifically micro, small and local organisations and thus expands the projects’ range to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk groups with distinct protection needs. At AidEx, the audience will get insights into the mechanisms behind the fund as well as how it is being received at the local level.

Project for Building Resilience and Peaceful Coexistence in Chad (PRCPT)

Chad in the heart of Africa is the most vulnerable country in the world and faces complex and interlinked humanitarian crises, mainly food and nutrition insecurity, forced displacement, natural disasters, and epidemics. Here is where the GIZ project and session takes off. 
Funded by the BMZ and the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, PRCPT will illustrate a comprehensive project approach to the AidEx audience  that strengthens resilience, builds livelihoods and contributes to peaceful coexistence of an heterogenous population scarred by wars. 
Following the TDA programme logic, the project combines immediate, medium and long-term measures and building capacities on multiple levels. Hence, the project showcases a dynamic link between humanitarian aid and long-term development cooperation. 

The presentation of the projects will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. Hence, we invite everybody to join us for a discussion on how the aid and development sector can live the HDP Nexus on the ground.


  • Manuel Fuerstos, Sector Planner for Transitional Development and Aid Projects, Germany, GIZ
  • Kristina Maria Willebrand, Head of Project, Turkey, GIZ
  • Johanna Dicklberger, Project Advisor, Chad, GIZ

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