Supporting the police in Senegal

Project description

Title: Programme to Build and Strengthen the Police Structures in Selected Partner Countries in Africa, Country Component Senegal
Commissioned by: German Federal Foreign Office
Country: Senegal
Lead executing agency: Ministry of the Interior
Overall term: 2019 to 2022

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Since 2009, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been promoting police reform processes in Africa on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office. The programme is currently implementing a total of eleven country and regional measures. All selected partner and regions show characteristics of fragile statehood to varying degrees.

The Government of the democratic state of Senegal has identified regional instability as the greatest threat to national security. It has therefore developed a strategy that focuses on terrorism and cross-border organised crime. This strategy aims to develop the country’s own capacities to manage these new challenges. 

The Senegalese police are also committed to tackling corruption within the police force. For the population, this will ensure security and transparent police services in accordance with the rule of law.


The Senegalese police are in a better position to implement their reform plans. The police contribute to regional and national stability in a professional manner in accordance with the rule of law.



The project develops all procedures in close consultation with the partner institutions and aligns them to their needs. In doing so, it follows the existing national or international strategies and pays attention to legal human rights standards. The project supports the partners with infrastructure and equipment, as well as education and training and organisational advice. Gender equality is a particular focus in all measures. 

The project also supports the national police with creating better conditions for crime scene training and work. This includes comprehensive professionalisation of assessing a crime scene – including in rural regions. The cooperation between the Senegalese police and other West African countries in solving crimes contributes to improved handling of regional challenges.


As Senegal has only been part of the programme since mid-2019, implementation of the activities is still in the early stages. At the beginning of the cooperation, the partners held a participatory workshop during which they formulated concrete measures. Initial training and equipment have also already been delivered. 

Last update: December 2020


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