Safely Travelling Abroad

Violence, conflict and fragility are on the increase worldwide. The majority of all partner countries of German development cooperation are affected. In many countries this means increased risk, psychological strain and mental stress for those undertaking assignments in partner countries. You may be required during your time in a partner country to work with traumatised individuals or to provide first aid in an emergency.

Our courses in the field of personal safety, stress and trauma are designed to increase your safety and security awareness in your working context and everyday life in the partner country. They will teach you how to respond in an emergency and provide first aid, and will hone your awareness of how best to deal with psychological strain, mental stress and trauma.



Trainer for dealing with distress, stress, trauma and safety training

The confrontation with one's own resilience and vulnerability through overloading acts as a kind of flu vaccine on the psyche. The view of stress and trauma "hurts a bit at first". In the end, however, we find strong protective effects for our inner well-being during our foreign missions!



Safety training German and English, Safety & Security Training

The safety training strengthens your skills for complex security situations. In training, we deal systematically with current topics that participants could encounter abroad, in theory and practice. Practicing one's own behaviour in critical situations and then reflecting on and discussing the experience leads to a lasting learning effect and builds up self-confidence.

Range of courses – a brief outline
(All courses are available in German and English)

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  • provides training on managing risk and dangers in particularly volatile regions 
  • includes first aid measures and coping with stress in high-risk situations 
  • part of the course is held outdoors, with an overnight stay at an external training facility 
  • involves practical exercises, case studies and challenging simulations

  • raises awareness of potential dangers and trains risk-mitigating behaviour 
  • involves exercises, case studies and simulations
  • part of the course is held outdoors

  • enables you to perform first aid in the event of an accident or medical emergency (road traffic accidents are statistically one of the most common causes of death in partner countries)
  • essential when calling for an ambulance is not possible
  • a half-day course involving practical exercises 

  • promotes prudent behaviour in situations of stress or traumatic experience involving oneself or others 
  • promotes awareness of personal boundaries 
  • is a two-day course involving case studies, exercises and role play

Questions and Answers

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Beginning with a personal risk analysis, the 2½-day security training course will teach you how to apply preventive measures. You will practise prudent behaviour in the event of danger. You will participate in role-playing scenarios both as a pedestrian and car occupant. In the role of a perpetrator, you will discover how stress levels rise when a victim fails to follow instructions. This training course has been offered by AIZ since 2002. 

By comparison, the 5-day safety & security training course also includes conflict, violence and fragility, radio communication and map reading, dealing with gun violence, firefighting and coping with stress. The topics of abduction and captivity, mine dangers and behaviour under fire/threat of terrorist attack are addressed more intensively and more realistically than in the 2½-day security training course. 

Both training courses cover professional and private activities, challenges and potential conflict situations in a high-risk context and are specifically designed for the context of international cooperation.

Our security training courses are designed for managers and experts in international cooperation and their accompanying partners.
Please ask you organisation which of our training courses is suitable or mandatory in your case. Please note: we are not able to decide this on your behalf on insurance grounds.
We will be happy to provide advice.
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Our interdisciplinary pool of trainers includes:  

  • security experts
  • psychologists, mediators, coaches
  • trainers from the field of civilian conflict management
  • paramedics with overseas experience

Yes, tailored security training courses have been part of the range of services offered by AIZ for many years. Our clients are political foundations, ministries, authorities, non-governmental organisations and state implementing organisations of development cooperation and international cooperation. 
We will work with you to identify the topics required for a specific target region, as well as the venue and duration of the training course.
A 2½-day training course can be organised in many places. The most important thing is to have access to a training ground that permits the course to be conducted without disturbance, with some noise and with simulations involving cars.
A 5-day training course in safety & security requires a training ground that permits a simulation with pyrotechnics and genuine firearms.
Why not give us a call, we will be happy to advise you.
Customer service: +49 228 4460-3333

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