Diversity Competence, Countr y Analysis and Development Policy

»The up-front participant survey, the composition of contents, the performance of the trainer – the overall package was a big gift for me. To know that I will have an additional entitlement for practical consultations once I am abroad gives me an extra sense of security and is a huge win.«

Stefanie Mendes Candido (IK)

© GIZ / Michael von Haugwitz

Diversity Competence, Country Analysis and Development Policy

Preparing for a mission abroad is usually linked to great curiosity and joyful anticipation of the host country and the new working context. However, after departing, frustration and disappointment can emerge in your cooperation work if mutual understanding – for instance, due to intercultural irritations – reaches its limits. Thus, work and project success can only be achieved with intercultural sensitivity and a high degree of cooperation competence. On the basis of our courses in the area of »Intercultural Competence and Country Analysis« you will deepen your understanding for your mission country. You will learn how to better understand different perspectives as well as how to act effectively and successfully in the face of social and cultural differences.