Leave no one behind

Leave no one behind! This pledge runs through the entire 2030 Agenda as an overarching principle. It applies equally to very poor and fragile states and to disadvantaged people. The principle means that the people with the fewest development opportunities should be reached first. After all, sustainable development is possible only if everyone is included.

For this reason, inequalities must be accurately identified and carefully analysed in every project. New, inclusive approaches that incorporate ideas on how to reduce poverty help disadvantaged population groups and find concrete solutions are called for across all projects.

Jordan is a good example. Here, GIZ is implementing a project on behalf of BMZ that trains locals and Syrian refugees in digital financial services in order to enable them to access finance and money transfers from abroad. The training measures conducted under the project are explicitly directed at women, who are less likely to have access to bank accounts and financial services in Jordan than men.

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