The new issue of GIZ's magazine akzente focuses on 'Diversity'

18.04.2016 – The magazine's own website will go live at the same time the new issue is published. The website shows the wide spectrum of GIZ’s work.

The new issue of akzente, the customer magazine of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, has just been published. The focus of the issue is 'Diversity'. Our studies of nature have shown us that homogeneity is risky. It can disrupt the delicate balance in the plant and animal world. And so we have long viewed biodiversity as something precious that we must nurture and protect. Even if our efforts often prove inadequate, we have at least recognised the benefits. But in society, things are different. Here we’re only gradually starting to appreciate the advantages of diversity and to grasp that the whole, i.e. cooperation between people with different genders, skin colours, religions, cultures and customs, is greater and more valuable than the sum of its many individual parts.

For the new issue of akzente, authors and photographers visited projects that demonstrate how diversity makes societies richer and companies more profitable. Businesses today consider diversity as a vital prerequisite for innovation and success. Ingrid Müller from the Berlin-based newspaper Tagesspiegel looks at how openness and tolerance can ensure that different people can live together in harmony. The Jordanian Minister of Culture Lana Mamkegh has contributed an article on diversity for this issue, which also includes an interview with Susanna Nezmeskal-Berggötz, who heads the Diversity Department at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

The reports take us to Pakistan, where the reform of the training system is giving young people better prospects, and to Ethiopia, where farmers are using modern techniques that are helping them cope better with the current drought. In northern Iraq, akzente visited refugee camps and spoke to the people there who have fled their homes.

GIZ has launched the new akzente website simultaneously with the publication of the current issue. The website’s clear, accessible language and modern layout make it attractive to a wider audience, not only to specialists. Some reports are also complemented by short videos. You can download the app free of charge from the main app stores (Apple, Google, Windows). akzente is aimed at key figures from the worlds of politics and business. The magazine is published several times a year in German (with a circulation of 16,000) and in English (with a circulation of 4,500). To subscribe, simply send an email to the editorial team.