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Appointment of a Service Provider for Technical Application Guidelines Implementation, Monitoring and Verification of the Regulations for Mandatory Display and Submission of Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings.                                                                                                                

The main objective of the Regulations is to gain access to accurate and reliable building energy data, to support government initiatives in the areas of energy efficiency monitoring, and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions obligations, and to ultimately encourage building owners to improve the energy performance of their buildings and aspire to eventually receiving an A-rating for those facilities. The regulations apply to non-residential buildings with a net floor area of at least 2000 m2 in the private sector, and 1000 m2 for buildings owned, operated or occupied by an organ of the state. Once issued, the EPC will be valid for five years, and the monitoring of the display of the EPCs will be carried out by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) or a representative appointed by the Department.

It is against this background that the South African - German Energy Partnership, on behalf of the DMRE would like to appoint competent consultant(s) to develop the Technical Application Guidelines for the purpose of implementing, monitoring and verification of Regulations for Mandatory Display and Submission of EPCs for buildings. The Technical Application Guidelines will describe the process that will be followed to conduct buildings energy performance assessments in line with appropriate South African National Standards, monitoring and verification of the EPCs being issued by Inspection Bodies and displayed by building owners. These Guidelines will be applicable to the four (4) classification of building categories namely:

  • A1: Entertainment and public assembly;
  • A2: Theatrical and indoor sport;
  • A3: Places of instruction;
  • and G1: Offices as stipulated in the Regulations.

The Deustche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) invites eligible and professional companies with local presence in South Africa to participate in this tender

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