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Driving forward data-based digital innovations from Africa

Triangular cooperation for digital innovations made in Africa

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African partners of German development work are increasingly looking for solutions developed on-site in Africa, especially for digitalisation and data-oriented work. However, digital and data-based innovations are driven forward strongly by non-African companies. This can lead to new economic dependencies and solutions that are not sufficiently tailored to African contexts.

Digital innovations should therefore be designed together with local stakeholders in Africa. This gives them greater potential to solve local challenges and be accepted on site.


The application of data-based digital innovations ‘Made in Africa’ has been improved as part of the triangular cooperation in West and East Africa.


Institutions and organisations from the public sector, the private sector and academia from Rwanda, Côte d'Ivoire and Germany are involved in the project. In the process, the countries take turns in assuming the role of:

  • main partner which primarily contributes knowledge on digital innovations,
  • beneficiary partner which receives financial support and knowledge for innovations, or
  • supporting partner that facilitates exchange with moderation, networking and financial resources.
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In this way, the triangular cooperation supports the socio-ecological and feminist digital policy of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). This is because the project promotes and regulates new technologies such as civilian drones and data models that are used, for example, to protect natural resources, preserve biodiversity and in agriculture. In addition, the cooperation between the participants helps develop skills, especially among women, and create long-term structures for transnational innovation in Africa.

Last update: March 2024

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