Regional Cooperation

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The founding of the African Union (AU) in 2002 has provided fresh momentum for regional integration in Africa. The AU and the regional economic communities it recognises are increasingly relying on inter-country cooperation to address the challenges facing the continent.

Germany’s international cooperation has promoted political and economic integration at the regional level in Africa. GIZ provides advisory services to the African Union, the regional economic communities and other institutions such as river basin commissions. With its focus on the priority areas of peace and security, good governance, infrastructure and the promotion of agriculture, Germany’s international cooperation programmes support the priorities set by the African Union Commission (AUC). The protection of the environment and natural resources and other issues in Germany’s international cooperation portfolio are also addressed through regional cooperation.

GIZ’s services include institutional capacity development and support for transnational policy dialogues. The development of the Pan-African University (PAU) is a particular priority for the AUC and Germany alike.

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Regional projects and programmes


Environment and climate change

Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural Areas in southern Africa (SADC) Transboundary biosphere reserve of the WAP region Working with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to increase drought resilience in the Horn of Africa Support for national climate change adaptation plans in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa REDD Early Movers Policy dialogue on low-emission strategies in the MENA Region (BMUB) Green economic transition in Africa (BMUB) Management of the Benguela Current Marine Ecoregion (BMUB) International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV (BMUB) Promotion of a climate-friendly interconnected power system in West Africa German Green Cooling Initiative (BMUB) Converting production of commercial refrigeration equipment in Swaziland from fluorinated to natural refrigerants (BMUB) Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in the Mono Delta (BMUB) Regional network for integrated waste management in the MENA region Concepts for sustainable waste management Supporting the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) (BMU) Regional network for integrated waste management in the MENA region Adaptation to climate change in the water sector in the MENA region Transboundary use and protection of natural resources in the SADC region Development of integrated monitoring systems for REDD+ in the SADC region (BMUB) (completed) Partnerships for recycling Network of demonstration activities for sustainable integrated wastewater treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean Adapting the framework for forestry policy to meet the needs of climate change in the MENA region

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