Modernising the Palestinian Police Force

Project description

Title: German-Palestinian Police Partnership Programme
Commissioned by: German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Country: Palestinian Territories 
Lead executing agency: Palestinian Ministry of Interior (MoI); Palestinian Civil Police (PCP)
Overall term: 2021 to 2024

A playing child is jumping out of a police car.


Since the beginning of the Oslo Peace Process, the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the vision of a negotiated two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. It is in this political context that the German government supports Palestinian government institutions to become better equipped and prepared for future self-governance. Since the Berlin Conference in 2008, one element of this support has been a partnership between German and Palestinian police forces. The aim is to create a modern Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) that respects human rights, follows international standards and is able to serve and protect citizens. The programme is implementing this Palestinian-German security partnership in cooperation with the Federal German Criminal Police Office and the German Federal Police.


The Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) operates professionally, in accordance with the needs of the Palestinian citizens and abides by the rule of law. The police ensure public safety and order while respecting human rights.

A police officer assists a woman filling in a document.


Since 2010 the German Federal Government has been supporting the PCP through the GIZ programme Strengthening of Police Structures in the Palestinian Territories. This programme builds on the achievements of four previous phases, during which a standardised blueprint for community police stations was developed, community policing was introduced, and a mobile police stations mechanism was established.

The new programme continues to foster the community-based policing approach already introduced and establishes it within the PCP. In addition, measures are being carried out to further improve police leadership and personnel management.

A new project component is police professionalisation in investigative techniques, including crime scene management and forensics. The Federal German Criminal Police Office provides experts on how to operate an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), while the programme brings in curriculum development methods, specialised equipment, logistics and IT-infrastructure.

Last update: Dezember 2021

A police officer with a head scarf talks to a young girl.

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