Regional training for planning and monitoring energy efficiency measures in the building sector

Project description

Title: Regional training for planning and monitoring energy efficiency measures in the building sector
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro
Overall term: 2012 to 2013

Energy-efficiency measures in the building sector. Inspection of a heating system and boiler. © GIZ


With the growing significance of energy efficiency and the adoption of EU energy legislation in the countries of South-East Europe, demand is also increasing for trained experts in this field. This is particularly relevant to the building sector, which accounts for some two-thirds of the region’s total energy consumption.

While there is considerable potential expertise among engineers and architects in South-East Europe, these often lack the required knowledge of the latest international standards and methods in the construction sector.


In Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro, experts have been trained as energy auditors for buildings and building systems. With their knowledge, they help to ensure that energy-saving materials and processes are used to a greater degree in construction projects, thereby contributing to a reduction in the region’s energy consumption.


The contents of the training courses are geared to the needs of the partner countries, which derive from the implementation of the EU directive on the energy performance of buildings. Basic training is offered for auditors to assess the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as advanced specialist training for the inspection of boilers, heating and ventilation systems and for monitoring implementation of energy-efficiency measures.

Energy efficiency measures in the building sector. Training auditors in Albania © GIZ

Results achieved so far

In Albania, a group of 14 energy-efficiency auditors has been trained and certified in cooperation with an international auditing company. A national pool of experts is thus available to calculate and plan energy-efficient measures in building refurbishment, and demand for their services is on the rise. International quality standards and up-to-date technologies are being applied ever more widely in the implementation of energy-efficiency measures.