Advising BMZ on the current priority issues of its Africa policy

Project description

Title: Support for policy development and dialogue in the profile areas of German development cooperation with Africa
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Countries: Africa
Overall term: 2011 to 2016


Responding to the reform agenda of international cooperation and the reform efforts of African countries, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) began to adapt its position with regard to key issues of cooperation with Africa in 2004. In doing so, it is seeking to increase the effectiveness, significance and impact of German development cooperation.

Efforts to expand transnational cooperation and to focus on thematic areas in German development cooperation in Africa are at the heart of the reform agenda.

By systematically shaping its portfolio, BMZ aims to clearly illustrate to partners and other donors the objectives and capabilities of German development cooperation in selected areas and encourage the division of labour among donors, while at the same time mainstreaming its results orientation to a greater extent. The priority policy areas of cooperation with Africa are defined on the basis of the relative current and future strengths of German development cooperation and the expectations of African partners.


With specialist support from GIZ, BMZ takes the measures necessary for enhancing the effectiveness and raising the profile of German development cooperation with Africa. BMZ's strategies and implementation plans result in an improved, more results-oriented portfolio. BMZ and its implementing organisations align their communications activities with regard to Africa accordingly.


The project focuses on providing specialist advice on the development and implementation of specific thematic strategies in accordance with development policy requirements and the associated communication activities of BMZ. As part of this work, funding is also provided for technical and strategic activities, events, studies, and input from external experts and organisations. Support components comprise:

  • demand-oriented advice provision to BMZ's Division „Regional Development Policy Africa“; Topics: consolidation of strategies for good governance, peace and conflict prevention, sustainable economic development (including agriculture and infrastructure), environmental conservation and climate change mitigation, and regional integration. Cross-cutting issues such as gender equality, human rights and HIV/AIDS are included in the advisory process;
  • promotion of technical and subject-specific cooperation with international institutions and on processes, for example the African Development Bank and the Africa-EU Partnership, through the provision of specialist advice on medium-term strategy and programme design;
  • advice to BMZ on the creation of communications resources and the preparation and conducting of studies and events, assistance with improving information and knowledge management in relation to policy issues of development cooperation with Africa.

The project is contributing to the further development of the strategy for bilateral development cooperation with Africa.

In the medium term, greater harmonisation is being achieved between regional and bilateral approaches and between technical and financial cooperation activities, increasing the effectiveness and raising the profile of German development cooperation with Africa. Focusing to a greater extent on priority areas of work and increasing the effectiveness of German development cooperation creates an enabling environment for poverty alleviation and accelerates development processes. In the long term, the project will thus contribute to achieving the goal of sustainable development of Africa, thereby helping to reduce poverty and provide security for the people.