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GIZ has operated in the Russian Federation since 1993. Since 1996 we have maintained our own office. Our work, which was originally geared to supporting the ethnic German minority in Russia, today also embraces projects that we are implementing on behalf of the European Union and various German federal ministries.

Russia, a neighbouring state of the EU and a member of the G8, is an important partner for the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU in many respects. Good cooperation is especially important in global fields, such as energy, industry and climate policy. One of the main challenges is supporting the continuing development of a democratic society, with a view to achieving the comprehensive modernisation of the country. Other obstacles to overcome include the country’s great dependence on its mineral wealth, the impacts of climate change, the shadow economy, excessive red tape and the falling birth rate. Yet Russia is very well aware of its important geopolitical role and is now an active donor in the field of multilateral development assistance.

In Russia, GIZ focuses on various priority areas. On behalf of the German Government, projects and programmes are supporting national minorities, providing manager training and spotlighting environmental issues.

German minorities in Central and Eastern European states and in the successor states of the former Soviet Union suffered a difficult fate in the wake of the Second World War. Many people were oppressed and repressed, and were subject to deportations and forced resettlement. Support by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) aims to assist these minorities in coping with their situation.

Within the scope of the manager training programme financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), some 800 young managers from 13 Eastern European, Central Asian and Asian countries undertake one to three months of skills training in German industry every year. During this period they also have opportunities to explore possible avenues of cooperation with German businesses.

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), we manage a small project fund under the auspices of the International Climate Initiative. The projects cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from energy efficiency in the building sector to the introduction of climate standards, restoration and protection of moorland west of the Urals and the development of a strategy for implementing climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation measures.

GIZ International Services (GIZ IS) is working on behalf of other donors, especially the European Commission. In Russia, GIZ IS operates primarily in the fields of environmental protection and legal and judicial reform.

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