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National employees: 106
International employees: 48

(as at: 31.12.2019)  

GIZ has been working on behalf of the German Government for almost 40 years to support China in its reform and openness policy. This work serves the interest of both countries and reflects China’s changed role in the world. The German Government’s projects and programmes are embedded in the wide-ranging strategic partnership between China and Germany. 

China is Germany’s most important global trading partner, while Germany is China’s most important trading partner in Europe. In this relationship, China is at times a competitor, at other times a partner. Cooperation between the two countries has been increasing over recent years in new policy areas. As a German partner for sustainable development, GIZ supports China in striking a balance between economic growth, social justice and climate change mitigation. A growing number of projects and programmes also focus on safeguarding global public goods. Cooperation between China and Germany also aims to improve economic ties and facilitates communication on intercultural issues.

GIZ works in China on behalf of seven German Government ministries. As a federally owned enterprise, GIZ also operates in China on behalf of the European Union, foundations, Chinese public sector clients, and European businesses.

GIZ works in China in the following priority areas:

  • The rule of law
  • Climate change, the environment and natural resources
  • Cross-border aspects of energy and traffic
  • Standards in industry, infrastructure and trade

GIZ’s services in China incorporate many elements of international cooperation: organising, developing and providing technical input for bilateral political dialogue are one of the key services provided. It is increasingly important, in this context, to bring together a range of stakeholders and facilitate their exchange, for example by involving associations and businesses in political processes. GIZ also provides the commissioning ministries in Germany with technical expertise and specific knowledge of the country.

For its advisory services, GIZ utilises a wide-ranging network of German, international and Chinese experts and institutions in Germany and Europe.

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Yanqing Chang, environmental technologist from China

Yanqing Chang is passionate about modern environmental protection technologies – preferably those made in Germany.