Renewable energy sources

Project description

Title: Promotion of renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Devel-opment (BMZ)
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MoFTER)
Overall term: 2016 to 2019

Bioenergy © GIZ


Although Bosnia and Herzegovina has a significant supply of energy resources and is one of the few countries in the Balkans that exports electricity, it does not produce energy sustainably. At the same time, power consumption is increasing in the country due to inefficient usage, while the widespread use of wood and coal as fuel causes air pollution and CO2 emissions.

Currently no suitable policy framework exists to change this situation, and there is a lack of relevant programmes, knowledge and practical experience. Coordination and cooperation in the sector between the state, the entities and the lower levels of government remain generally weak. Hardly any network-ing or cooperation takes place between the key actors, and there is still no national energy strategy. The potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy remains under-exploited throughout the country.


The preconditions have been put in place for a more conducive environment that encourages the in-creased use of renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rooftop solar panels owned by community © GIZ


By promoting a better legislative and regulatory framework, and developing new incentive schemes, the project aims to make the renewable energy sector more attractive to private and public, local and international investors. The project works with partners, both at the state level and in each of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s two entities, including the respective ministries of energy, and the electricity regula-tory commissions. It also works with renewable energy operators in both entities, and with the Brčko district government.

Together with these partners, the project is attempting to establish a conducive environment for the increased use of renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the fulfilment of the country’s obligations under the Energy Community Treaty. To this end, its activities focus on four main areas:

  • Improvements to the general framework for the renewable energy sector
  • Development of the bio-energy sector and introduction of related innovative technologies
  • Promoting the sustainable use of small hydropower plants
  • Support schemes for renewable energy sources

To contribute to the development of appropriate laws and regulations on the use of renewable energy, the project partners submit draft legal documents to the respective line ministries and policy makers. The project also supports the creation of platforms, networks and other initiatives by and for the rel-evant actors in the energy sector, including policy makers and energy experts.

Private and public service providers are encouraged to introduce information, advisory and financing services in the field of energy efficiency. The project’s partner institutions can then use these services to support the planning and implementation of their own energy efficiency measures.