Ecosystem-based adaptation measures protect coastal and marine areas in Peru


Title: Ecosystem-based adaptation measures for integrated coastal and marine zone management (EbAMar)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conserva-tion and Nuclear Safety (BMU), as part of the International Cli-mate Initiative (IKI)
Country: Peru
Lead executing agency: Ministry of the Environment (Ministerio del Ambiente – MINAM)
Overall term: 2019 bis 2024

1. Wiederherstellung von Feuchtgebieten durch EbA- Massnahmen


The coastal region accounts for more than 70 per cent of Peru’s economic output. Alongside fishing as the main source of income, the tourism industry is increasingly establishing itself and putting increasing pressure on the use of coastal ecosystems. Both areas depend on a large number of ecosystem services. For the tourism industry, cultural services such as attractive landscapes, use for sport, leisure and education, and Peru’s cultural heritage are particularly important. For fishing, the important aspects are the habitats for plants and animals, photosynthesis, nutrient cycles and supply services – fish, seafood and algae to ensure food security. 
Both areas make a key contribution to economic development and employment. At the same time, however, they are weakening the ecosystems and ecosystem services on which they depend. This is caused by inadequate management of marine and coastal zones, leading to overexploitation of natural resources. It is happening in particular due to:

  1. Uncontrolled fishing (overfishing),
  2. Increased, tourism-related pollution of coastal waters through waste and untreated wastewater,
  3. The destruction of ecologically sensitive areas as a result of tourist infrastructure and activities.

The central problem is that ecosystem-oriented strategies and aspects of climate change have until now not been sufficiently included in strategic planning and investment processes. Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change (EbA) comprises measures to protect ecosystems and use them sustainably. The aim here is to increase the resilience of people and nature and stem the consequences of climate change.


EbA measures are integrated into the strategic planning processes for coastal and marine zones at national, regional and local level and are being implemented in the regions of Piura, Lima and Ica. 

3. Nachhaltige Fischerei und Tourismus


Peruvian research institutions provide information of relevance to climate change and ecological/socio-economic information. The project processes this information in cooperation with the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen. The aim is to use it to develop effective EbA measures and integrate them into coastal and marine zone management. 

The project is strengthening the political/legal framework for integrated coastal and marine zone management. It is also strengthening stakeholders' management skills and the coordination mechanisms between the institutions for planning and implementing the EbA approach.

In line with the regional challenges, the EbA approach is being implemented in the project regions of Piura, Lima and Ica in three different ecosystems in each case, namely wetlands, beaches and islands. The Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, the regional governments of Piura, Lima and Ica, the private sector and civil society are involved in the implementation. To this end, the project intends to integrate the EbA approach into governmental and private investment projects in the tourism and fishing industries, and to establish skills for implementing the investment projects. The aim of this is to increase private and public investments promoting ecosystem-based adaptation in Peru’s coastal and marine zone management. 

In addition, the project is strengthening the dialogue and management skills of the stakeholders in the regions. It is developing institutional agreements to implement the EbA approach in the prioritised coastal and marine ecosystems. The project uses national and international exchange forums to collect and disseminate the lessons learned from the EbA approach and its most successful measures in Peru’s coastal and marine zones.

2. Strategische Investitionen für Küsten- und Meereszonenmanagement


Latest update: November 2020