Support for peacebuilding in Colombia

Project description

Title: ProPaz II - Consolidation of peace in Colombia
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Colombia
Lead executing agency: Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación Internacional (APC-Colombia), Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation (APC-Colombia)
Overall term: 2021 to 2024

Workshop with young people on dealing with violent conflict, in the department of Norte de Santander © 5a con 5a/GIZ


The peace process in Colombia is seen as an example of how dialogue and negotiations can resolve longstanding armed conflicts. 

However, building peace in the country is a huge challenge that has intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it difficult to implement the peace agreement. The problem is compounded by the slow progress made in recognising and compensating victims and by the lack of a robust political consensus. The institutions that have been created under the peace agreement are struggling for recognition and adequate resources. Moreover, they do not work as well together as they should. This makes it difficult for the victims of violence to claim their rights.

Furthermore, new and old armed groups are seeking to gain control over lucrative illicit economies. Local peace activists, human rights defenders and ex-combatants continue to be the targets of ongoing violence.

Members of the Barí indigenous community in Norte de Santander © Camilo Ara/CNMH and GIZ


Efforts to protect, promote and guarantee victims’ rights are strengthened at national, regional and local level.


Together with its partners, the project implements activities in the departments of Caquetá, Meta and Norte de Santander related to the following issues:

  1. Participation of victims in truth, justice and reparation processes
  2. Coordination of cooperation between the responsible institutions and authorities
  3. Innovation in dealing with experiences of collective victimisation
Demonstration in support of the peace agreement in the capital, Bogotá, October 2016 © GIZ

Special attention is paid to gender-specific needs.

The project’s key partners are the agencies responsible for rehabilitation in regions that have been particularly affected by the conflict, the Truth Commission, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, the Special Unit on the Search of Persons Deemed as Missing, the Unit for Comprehensive Attention and Reparation of Victims and the Land Restitution Unit. The regional governments of the departments of Caquetá, Meta and Norte de Santander are also project partners.

Last update: June 2021