UN Decade: on Ecosystem Restoration

Project description

Title: Supporting the structuring and implementation of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
Lead executing agency: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
Country: Global
Overall term: 2021 to 2024


In ecosystems around the world, habitats are being lost at an uncontrolled rate. This is especially true of the most biodiverse ecosystems in tropical regions. Yet the affected states are taking only slow and insufficient action to implement the global goals aimed at restoring these ecosystems.  

To change this, the United Nations General Assembly has followed an initiative by El Salvador: it has declared the decade 2021-2030 to be the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, emphasising that forests, wetlands, drylands and other natural habitats are fundamental to long-term development, reducing poverty and improving human well-being. Restoring ecosystems will also enable natural mitigation of climate change and of the rapid loss of biodiversity.


Important players are successfully implementing the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in partner countries.  


The project is strengthening exchanges and cooperation between relevant players worldwide.  

At the political level, the aim is to shape and capitalise on the UN Decade with the help of a broad network and through international events. To this end, the project compiles and prepares experience from existing projects and initiatives to make it available to the international community and other participants worldwide via knowledge platforms and dialogue forums. As the players learn from one another and carry out projects together, the aim is to implement suitable policy and planning tools, and new and creative business models.

In addition, in selected partner countries the project focuses on building the capacities of specific restoration initiatives and optimising the methods they use. The project also promotes local and regional skills for realising landscape projects, reforestation and the sustainable use of forests, as well as supporting local restoration efforts.

Last update: July 2021

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