Promoting green growth of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Project description

Title: InnoDev – Green and inclusive promotion of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Algeria
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Algeria
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Industry
Overall term: 2016 to 2022

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Algeria faces various economic challenges. The economy needs to be broader, private companies need to be strengthened, and non-hydrocarbon exports need to be expanded. The Algerian Government has set itself the goal of reforming its economic policy with a view to improving the conditions for sustainable and effective growth.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) are considered to be the driving force for economic development. In order to create jobs and promote prosperity, however, SME in Algeria need flanking measures – so that they can become more competitive, win the national market and export high-quality products.


The funding scheme offered by public and private service providers in the area of green growth for SME is strengthened.

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The project is aimed at the owners and employees of Algerian SME. 

The first field of activity, ‘green economy/resource efficiency’, is intended to increase the resource efficiency of Algerian SME. This includes a more efficient and expedient use of production inputs. As a result, SME can reduce their production costs, protect the environment and thus become more competitive. 

In the second field of activity, ‘accessing new markets’, the project supports SME in tapping into (inter)national markets, especially in terms of exporting products and transferring technology. The project cooperates with business associations, government institutions and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Algeria (AHK).

The third area of activity, ‘(green) innovation and digital management’, aims to improve services in innovation management as well as public and private support opportunities. This is to be achieved by applying organisational and/or product innovation instruments. 

The fourth field of activity, ‘reducing business insolvencies’, supports SME that are facing business or financial difficulties. It provides them with consulting services in risk management and strategic planning. 

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Last update: July 2021

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