Increasing accountability

The way public funds are used is key for the success of national development processes. We support governments, including those in resource-rich countries, in achieving greater transparency and accountability. Public finance reform is particularly important here.


Strengthening participation

Democracy and the rule of law are essential for ensuring that people can lead secure and dignified lives. We support the development of democratic structures, such as parliaments, the establishment of an independent judicial system, as well as the creation of decentralised and citizen-oriented government and administrative structures.


Ensuring equal opportunities

In order to achieve sustainable development, we take an integrated approach, focusing on poverty reduction, human rights, gender equality and women's rights, children's rights, anti-corruption, political participation and accountability.

Human Rights

Promoting dialogue

Media and communication are a crucial factor in the success of transformation and reform processes. They encourage transparency and create platforms for stakeholders to shape policy together. They are therefore key for the sustainable development of good governance practices.