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Digital Learning

How can international cooperation harness the benefits of digitisation? Digitisation can make industrial sectors more flexible, effective and sustainable. Sustainable, because it enables us to cross borders without leaving the house. This is fundamental, because international cooperation is about bringing people from all over the globe into cooperative and profitable contact on a daily basis. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to do this not only with greater speed and intensity. It is also cheaper, safer and more environmentally sound, cutting travel costs and CO2 emissions.

The learning and work processes of managers and experts involved in international cooperation are effectively supported in many ways by digital tools. Knowing which of these to use and how, is all part of the expertise of the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ). 

We provide the following learning formats:

  • Online courses with a trainer: These courses are accessed via a learning portal. A trainer is on hand to support learners. 
  • Blended learning: This method combines virtual learning with class-based courses. 
  • Virtual learning communities: The group of participants also uses a shared online learning portal with learning content, but more emphasis is placed on learning from other participants. 
  • Webinar series: Seminars and dialogue events are presented online. 
  • Mobile learning apps: e.g. learning games for smartphones. 

These digital learning formats support our self-directed learning approach. They enable participants to be more flexible with learning times and to set their own areas of focus. Moreover, e-learning formats are ideal for workplace-based learning. 

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Acquire digital competence

We live in an age where digitisation is gradually finding its way into every part of our lives – both private and professional. Many people see this as a digital revolution. Thus, recognising and being familiar with risks and opportunities are becoming more and more important.

We will teach you to correctly assess and apply the pros and cons of digitisation in your own working context. The digital skills we develop with you, specifically for your international and intercultural work simplify workflows, generate new momentum in cooperation, promote innovative ideas and intensify communication for all involved. Use them!