Promoting democratic local governance

Project description

Title: Promotion of local democracy and social dialogue in preparation for local elections in the DRC
Commissioned by: Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Interior, Security, Decentralization and Customary Affairs
Overall term: 2021 to 2024


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Africa’s second-largest nation, has experienced recurrent armed conflicts with belligerent groups attempting to control parts of its territory. This instability can be largely attributed to a lack of governance (especially local governance). The country’s remote and often contested public authorities face multiple challenges. As a result, there is a sense of distrust between citizens and their public institutions. This undermines democratic values and leads to spiralling instability, especially around election times. Citizen participation in political processes remains a struggle, while women and youth continue to be side-lined. Against this background, the project works in line with the 2006 decentralisation plan of the Congolese constitution to improve the conditions for local governance and bring about a democratic awakening through socio-political dialogue and inclusive participation, especially for women and youth.


The project is improving the socio-political environment in two provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to enable peaceful and inclusive local elections.


  • The Local Democracy Fund helps selected Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to implement innovative initiatives that promote the spread of a democratic spirit based on inclusive dialogue. Decentralised institutions are given training on topics related to democratic values and civic participation carried out by CSOs.
  • Awareness campaigns are to be conducted to raise the interest of citizens and make them participate more in local governance issues.
  • A coaching programme to prepare potential future local political leaders will provide training on leadership, democratic values and behaviour, gender matters, tolerance and communication.

Last update: Juli 2021


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