Bidding Opportunities: GIZ Indonesia

How does GIZ do business?

GIZ involves suitable firms from the private sector of the economy when implementing commissions. It charges consultancy companies with the production of expert reports and implementation of complex consultancy projects. It awards orders to national and international suppliers for procuring technical equipment and materials.

GIZ procures a large volume of services, construction works and supplies. As this involves the use of public funds, all procurement must be cost-efficient, transparent and verifiable. The procurement procedures used by GIZ are designed to ensure that this is the case.

The following methods are used for the procurement of goods and services :

Request for Quotation (RFQ):The most flexible and least formal method that is applied for procuring goods, services and/or works. RFQs call for a written quotation. RFQ applies to contracts or procurement exceeding the range Euro 1,000.

Request for Proposal (RFP): RFP is used when the inputs and/or outputs cannot be quantitatively and qualitatively expressed at the time the invitation is made, as for example consulting or similar services are sought. A RFP may also be used for procurement of complex goods when you are not sure of the functional specifications and wish to seek proposals. RFP applies to contracts exceeding Euro 20,000.00. In some cases, exceptions to competition are being made and direct contracting is used.

The direct award procedure for the above threshold may be used without competitive tendering only in justified exceptional circumstances, i.e. if only one supplier is available (sole source) with the letter from the manufacture, if only one contractor is capable of fulfilling the terms of the contract because of its unique characteristics.

Evaluation of offers: Depending on the procurement method, different factors take on the key role in the evaluation process. When evaluating RFQs, the price and specification are the most important element. In contrast to this, and RFP requires a technical evaluation. The technical component primarily determines whether the proposal will be accepted or declined. Please see the detailed information related to evaluation criteria in the individual tender documents.

Conditions of Contract: In order to be a future contractor or supplier  for GIZ, you have to accept our General Terms and Conditions. Depending on your deliverables, the following applies:

  • General Terms and Conditions for Goods
  • General Terms and Conditions for Contracts with Appraisers/Firms of Consultant (Local)

Information for open tender will be published in the sections below.

Updated information on terms and conditions for contracts and procurement for 2018 will be uploaded shortly.

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