Developing human resources capacities in wastewater treatment plants

Project description

Title: Wastewater Treatment, Reuse and Water Supply (WTR)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Jordan
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Overall term: 2020 to 2024

Wadi Shallalah wastewater treatment plant in the Irbid Governorate


Jordan faces several challenges due to severe water scarcity. The demands of agriculture, industry, and the fast-growing need for drinking water exceed the available renewable water resources by far. On top of that, current climate forecasts predict an increase in fluctuating precipitation patterns. Freshwater availability in Jordan is thus expected to decline further. Efficient and sustainable management of water resources is a high priority for the Government of Jordan. Importantly, these resources include treated wastewater for reuse, which will play an increasingly important role.


Improved technical and human capacities at wastewater treatment plants are leading to the increased use of reclaimed wastewater in Jordan.


The GIZ module “Wastewater Treatment, Reuse and Water Supply” (WTR) aims to improve the technical and human resource capacities of 13 selected wastewater treatment plants in Jordan. It has three areas of activity:

  • to improve the oversight function of water authorities over the selected wastewater treatment plants to achieve better wastewater management through the sustainable integration and digitalisation of their quality management systems and their technical sustainable management (TSM).
  • to consolidate the organisational capabilities at the plants to ensure effective and efficient operations and improve the utility performance by implementing a computer-based enterprise resource planning system.
  • to improve the human resource capacities in wastewater treatment plants by updating standard operating procedures and job descriptions. Strong practical support concerning technical aspects and processes aims to create routines, as well as generate experience. Operational and maintenance needs will be recognised faster, reaction times shortened, and the daily tasks can be completed more effectively.

Last update: September 2021