Promoting human rights and environmental due diligence in global supply chains

Initiative for Global Solidarity

Women work at sewing machines for a clothing company in Cambodia. Copyright: GIZ/Roman Koenig


Violations of human rights as well as social and environmental standards are still commonplace in global supply chains. The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) and similar European Union (EU) regulations therefore require companies to analyse human rights and environmental risks in their supply chains. Companies must also take appropriate measures to address these risks, create remedial measures and monitor their effectiveness.


Joint implementation of human rights and environmental due diligence (HREDD) among companies is improved. Companies have more capacity to fulfil their responsibilities along their supply chains.

A man works at a company that supplies the electrical and automotive industry. Copyright: GIZ/Gelevski Vojislav


The project enables buyers and manufacturers, particularly in the textile and electronics industry, to live up to their joint responsibility to people and the environment. An integrated fund focuses on promoting projects with EU member states, development partners, the private sector and civil society.

The project is concentrating on four fields of action:

  • It promotes models of shared responsibility of buyers and manufacturers.
  • It also advocates for transparency in supply chains, promotes industry-wide standards for collecting and analysing supply chain data, and improves the availability and quality of data.
  • Local help desks advice manufacturers on human rights and environmental due diligence standards and requirements and connect them with service providers.
  • The project also supports the development, implementation and harmonisation of grievance mechanisms for employees.

The project works towards the socially and environmentally sustainable transition of the private sector (just transition) with a view to achieving good working conditions and climate neutrality. One particular focus is on equality for women and marginalised groups.

Graphic with objectives of the Initiative for Global Solidarity. Copyright: Tinkerbelle GmbH

Last update: April 2023

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